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Bentley MicroStation Connect Edition v10.11.00.36 (x64)



Bentley MicroStation Connect Edition v10.11.00.36 (x64)

Bentley MicroStation Connect Edition v10.11.00.36 (x64) | 4.70 GB


Bentley MicroStation software that has a similar working environment software is AutoCAD. Bentley MicroStation software for GPS maps and GIS information systems used worldwide. Bentley MicroStation for design and drawing mainly from various fields such as civil engineering, surveying, architecture, urbanism, geography and GIS has been developed. This software is generally placed in the category CAD software and the user friendly counts. Microstation mapping software to produce digital maps is written that at the same time is able to support raster data and combine it with data and graphics are linear.

Intergraph and Bentley Microstation System created by companies and two- and three-dimensional design software the most powerful in all fields of engineering. Whether Bentley MicroStation software with other software that is drawing a database that could be suitable for a geographic information system (GIS) provide the context necessary to provide for classification and analysis. Ultra-precise coordinate system in Bentley MicroStation software has led major companies such as Garmin and NCC intelligence as basic software on their own systems. Another feature of the software can retrieve and output are varied. This software is the most common format Dgn.

MicroStation CONNECT is the first 64bit version of MicroStation. The principal advantage of a 64bit MicroStation is the enormous amount of computer memory it can use. Whereas previous (32bit) versions of MicroStation were restricted mostly to 2GByte of memory, a 64bit version of MicroStation can use many times than amount. A consequence of large memory usage is the capacity to create and edit huge 3D models. For example, a 64bit MicroStation can handle a detailed plant design where a 32bit version struggled. MicroStation CONNECT requires a computer having a 64bit processor and a 64bit version of the Windows operating system.

About Bentley Systems. Bentley Systems is the global leader dedicated to providing architects, engineers, geospatial professionals, constructors, and owner-operators with comprehensive software solutions for advancing the design, construction, and operations of infrastructure. Bentley users leverage information mobility across disciplines and throughout the infrastructure lifecycle to deliver better-performing projects and assets. Bentley solutions encompass MicroStation applications for information modeling, ProjectWise collaboration services to deliver integrated projects, and AssetWise operations services to achieve intelligent infrastructure - complemented by worldwide professional services and comprehensive managed services.

What's New:
CONNECT Licensing:

-Product Activation by user sign in through the CONNECTION Client offering a more secure and manageable system.
-Provides usage alerts to notify your users when they are about to reach a certain usage limit set by the Administrator
-Replace site activation keys with user validation, enhancing security around your Bentley licenses and subscriptions

Centralized Management of Proxy Server Settings:
-The proxy server settings for all features is now managed from CONNECT Licensing service.

iModel 2.0 Support:
-Publish iModel version 2.0 files from MicroStation.

SketchUp 2018 Support:
-MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 11 supports SketchUp 2018 files

Units Selection Support when Export to FBX:
-Select the units for the exported file in the FBX Export Settings Dialog

Technology Preview:

-Item Types Import/Export to Excel -You can now export and import Item Type definitions and instances to and from Excel files using the Item Type Import/Export tool.
-Associative Elements and Associative Extraction tool - You can now extract faces and edges from a parametric solid using the Associative Extraction tool. The extracted faces and edges will maintain association with the parent solid.
-Named Presentations - You can use Named Presentations to represent different symbology for an element in different view orientations. For example, a door can be represented differently in top, front/rear elevation and isometric views.
-Perforators - You can now use parametric solids to create Perforators. Perforators act as cutting elements on any target element and create a cut in the target element based on their profile.

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