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Electronics Projects, Volume 25


Trusted Editor
Trusted Editor
2010 | ISBN: 8188152226 | English | 210 pages | True PDF | 19 MB
A Compilation of 89 tested Electronic Construction Projects and Circuit Ideas for Professionals and Enthusiasts published in ‘Electronics For You' magazine during 2004.

LIST OF TOP 20 PROJECTS (out of 89):

* Lift Overload Preventor
* A Bi-directional Visitor Counter
* Programmer for 89C51/89C52/89C2051 Microcontroller
* Laser-based Communication Link
* Remote Controlled Sophisticated Electronic Code Lock
* PIC16F84-based Coded Device Switching System
* Voice Recording and Playback Using APR9600 Chip
* Microprocessor-based Home Security System
* Ultrasonic Lamp Brightness Controller
* Moving Message Over Dot-matrix Display
* LED-Based Message Display
* Programmable Timer for Appliances
* Antibag Snatching Alarm
* Fuse cum Power Failure Indicator
* Doorbell-controlled Porchlight
* Highway Alert Signal Lamp
* Watchman Watcher
* PC-based DC Motor Speed Controller
* Microcontroller-based Monitoring System
* Electronic Watchdog


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