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Excel 2016 In Depth, 1st Edition


Trusted Editor
Trusted Editor
English | 2015 | ASIN: B0178718W6 | 656 pages | EPUB | 59 MB
Experienced with Excel? Don't let Excel 2016 make you feel like a beginner again! This new full-color edition of the bestselling book has been completely overhauled. Gone is unnecessary and rarely used content; emphasis is on the most-used and new aspects of Excel 2016. The result is a focused book where every topic is relevant and worth learning. Excel 2016 In Depth is the fastest, smartest way to master Excel 2016's full power and updated interface. You'll discover how to leverage Excel's new tools for charting, business analysis, data visualization, forecasting, and more.

* Quickly clean your data with Excel 2016's powerful Get & Transform tools

* Discover Excel 2016's newest charts: waterfall, histogram, Pareto, sunburst, TreeMap, and Box and Whisker

* Use Forecast Sheets to forecast the future, including seasonal adjustments

* Pivot data on maps with 3D Maps, and animate your maps over time

* Create formulas, charts, subtotals, and pivot tables faster than ever

* Create amazing PowerPivot data mashups that integrate information from anywhere

* Automate repetitive functions using Excel macros

* Solve real-world business intelligence analysis problems

* Use PowerPivot Data Model to create pivot tables from multiple data sets without VLOOKUP

* Share workbooks on the Web and social networks

* Leverage Excel to create highly interactive web pages and online surveys

* Quickly apply attractive, consistent formats


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