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Getting Started Budget Astrophotography



Getting Started Budget Astrophotography

Getting Started: Budget Astrophotography by Allan Hall
English | March 15, 2014 | ISBN: 149736082X | 344 pages | PDF | 54 Mb

Allan Hall makes learning how to photograph the night sky easy with his new Getting Started: Budget Astrophotography book. In this guide, you will learn the fundamentals ofastrophotography - what it is, how it's done, and how to do it yourself. Getting Started: Budget Astrophotography is divided into these three sections in order to provide a comprehensive overview of the basics of astrophotography.
The first section of Hall's guide focuses on understandingastrophotography. Amateur and professional stargazers know that one ofthe most important things to consider when viewing the heavens is lightpollution. Light pollution is exactly what it sounds like - too muchlight in our environments makes it more difficult to get a good look atplanets, stars, and other celestial bodies. If you want to get the bestview and photo possible, you must find a location that has little light. This makes a huge difference. In addition to finding a good locationfor viewing and shooting, you will learn about camera basics, includinghow to mount a camera and focus a lens. Beyond that, you will read about various types of telescopes and what they do.
The title of the second segment of this reference guide speaks for itself.Once you've learned the fundamentals of location, cameras, andtelescopes, it's time to put your knowledge to use. This sectiondiscusses how to find targets, as in how to find objects of interest toshoot. From capturing images to camera and exposure settings, you willlearn how to make the most of our instruments and location by taking agreat shot. This section also discusses making videos, image stacking,and image editing, an important aspect of astrophotography. Many of thecelestial shots we see are time-lapse or edited in some way (to improveclarity and reduce visual "noise"). While it may sound difficult, thisreference guide simplifies the processes by providing step-by-stepinstructions.
For the handy homeastrophotographer, this section includes information aboutdo-it-yourself projects. From modifying your equipment (for example,improving your focus capabilities, modifying a webcam forastrophotography, and even adapting your laptop screen to function inthe dark) to building add-ons, you'll learn how to enhance yourexperience in your own home. Hall provides information about creatingglass solar filters for your cameras and even making your own dewheaters.
The Getting Started: Budget Astrophotographybook is a great reference guide for beginners and amateurastrophotographers. If you have an interest in astronomy and want tocapture what you've viewed through a telescope, doing so is possiblefrom your own home. Hall's comprehensive guide also provides ideas about where to start (as in, what targets are best to photograph), where tofind more information about astrophotography, and even a glossary ofterms. Indulge your hobby and learn how to improve with Getting Started: Budget Astrophotography.

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