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Keto Passport


Keto Passport
Layla McGowan, Lindsay Taylor, "Keto Passport"
ISBN: 1732674507 | 2019 | EPUB | 330 pages | 17 MB

From the best-selling authors of The Keto Reset Instant Pot Cookbook comes Keto Passport-an adventure into the most interesting and flavorful cuisine from across the world, all made keto-friendly! Emerging science validates the idea that the low-carb, high-fat ketogenic diet has passed the fad phase and become the single best eating strategy to reduce excess body fat ever discovered. Keto also delivers profound benefits for cognitive function, disease protection, and athletic performance.

However, to succeed with keto you have to do it the right way: consuming nutrient-dense foods, including plenty of colorful vegetables, that support hormone and gut health. This book is keto done better than ever―no "bacon and butter" diet here, but rather 110 nutritious, flavor-packed recipes featuring an array of vegetables, meats, and healthy fats. You also learn the why's and how's of keto with primers and factoids sprinkled throughout, honoring the principles of Mark Sisson's New York Times bestseller, The Keto Reset Diet and the hands-on coaching strategies that Taylor and McGowan offer to their 25,000+ Keto Reset Facebook followers. Explore creative cuisine from around the world that will keep things fresh and interesting, never bland and boring. Stamp your Keto Passport and take off on journey to better health!



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