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Pixi Saves Christmas 2018 1080p WEB-DL- DD5 1 [email protected]



Pixi Saves Christmas 2018 1080p WEB-DL- DD5 1 x264-iM@X
Pixi Saves Christmas 2018 1080p WEB-DL DD5 1 [email protected]
Language: English
1.55 GB | 01:31:53 | 2027 Kbps | V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC | 1912x1072 | AC3, 48 Khz, 6 channels, 384 Kbps
Genre: Animation | Comedy
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For hundreds of years, holiday genies have united to bring Christmas magic to the children of the world. However, this year a selfish ex-genie is determined to become the all-powerful Christmas Genie by stealing all the magic for himself.