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Professional Real Estate Content Creation With Your Phone


Trusted Editor
Trusted Editor

Published 1/2023MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHzLanguage: English | Size: 2.13 GB | Duration: 1h 48m​

Learn how to use your phone to create social content worthy of posting

What you'll learn
Take control of your social feed, saving and money with new skills that you or your assistant can do.
Create content that pertains to your business and makes you stand out without spending money.
Help your clients/potential clients see your professionalism. Be able to capture a photo without having to call a photographer.
Somes a photographer misses a shot or a client wants to see something a little better. This helps you know what to do.

No experience necessary, just need a smart phone. You will learn all the tricks right here.

Need more content to post Tired of just reposting, buying, or paying photographers This course will help you learn to create content worthy of posting and helping your image as a Realtor. We teach what professionals do to get great photos and how they edit them without expensive cameras or software. This is all capable from your smartphone and you don't need any experience to jump right in. It's like a lot of things, you just need someone to teach you real quick. You can take advantage of your own home, another listing, or any place you find yourself. We help agents avoid spending money on stock photos, ad agencies, or photographers when they might not need them. Your social feed can be full of great photos related to real estate, helping you reach more clients. We have professionally photographed over 25k homes (with expensive cameras). With the new technology in our phones we have found that with the right tips, you can almost mimic a great photo. With this as an option, we have found it very easy to capture great photos quickly and want to help you have the same skill. Speed to market is key, and that is why learning this skill will aid you in gaining new clients as you market yourself daily online.

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome to the Course

Lecture 2 Course Overview

Section 2: About Your Instructor

Lecture 3 Instructor Bio

Section 3: Setting up for success

Lecture 4 Will my phone work

Lecture 5 Wide-Angle Alternative

Lecture 6 Phone Setup

Lecture 7 Ready to shoot

Section 4: Photo Foundations

Lecture 8 Start Shooting

Lecture 9 Photo Height & Level

Lecture 10 How to Shoot Real Estate Photos

Section 5: Essential Elements

Lecture 11 Preparation

Lecture 12 Shooting Pattern

Lecture 13 Let's Go. Location!

Section 6: Live-Action Photo Shoot

Lecture 14 Front Exterior Photos

Lecture 15 Entry/Front Rooms

Lecture 16 Living Spaces Explained

Lecture 17 Living Spaces Demonstrated (HOW)

Lecture 18 Dining Room Explained

Lecture 19 Dining Room Demonstrated (HOW)

Lecture 20 Bathrooms Explained

Lecture 21 Bathrooms Demonstrated (HOW)

Lecture 22 Kitchen Explained

Lecture 23 Kitchen Demonstrated

Lecture 24 Bedrooms

Lecture 25 Backyard

Lecture 26 Dark Rooms

Section 7: Editing Basics

Lecture 27 Overview of Settings

Lecture 28 Editing Preview (follow-along)

Section 8: Course Summary

Lecture 29 Final wrap-up video

Anyone in the housing industry that uses photos; Realtors, property manager, DIY, interior designer, project manager



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