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Remote Utilities (Viewer + Host) Pro Multilingual


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Trusted Editor

Remote Utilities (Viewer + Host) Pro Multilingual
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Remote Utilities is a program designed to provide remote administration options for computers as part of local or wide area networks. Remote Utilities consists of two components: RUT-Server is the part that is installed on the remote computer (it is possible to install it remotely) and RUT-Viewer which is the part installed on the administrator's computer. You can use it to control remote computers.

Main Features:
- High performance both in local area networks and in low bandwidth networks.
- File transfer, a remote task manager, Wake On LAN and much more.
- Remote installation. It is easy to install RUT throughout the entire local area network without leaving your computer.
- Configuring the program to run in case of a complicated network topology due to such features as "Connect Via" and "Callback Connection".
- Multilingual interface.
- Security. All data is encrypted with the help of up-to-date technologies and public key protocols (RSA with a 2048-bit public key and AES with a 256-bit session key).

Remote Administration:
- 15 connection modes - Full control, File transfer, Task manager, Terminal etc.
- Unattended and attended access - 24/7 and on-demand access to remote PCs
- Direct connectivity - Connect using an IP address without a third-party server
- Internet connectivity - Connect to a PC located behind a firewall or a router
- Multiple monitors support - Switch between remote monitors on-the-fly

Active Directory Integration:
- Seamless integration - Browse AD tree within the program in real time
- Leverage existing credentials - Access remote PCs using AD users and groups
- Multiple domains - Add new domain controllers to access multiple domains
- Network scanning - Scan your network to find where RU is already installed
- Easy deployment - Use AD group policies to install the program across the network

MSI Configuration:
- MSI configurator - Pre-configure the RU installer file before the deployment
- 3 configuration options - standard MSI file, one-click installer and ad hoc agent
- Remote Install - Built-in tool to install and upgrade RU on all your remote PCs
- Customization - Customize the Agent module with your logo and welcome text
- No extra charge - the MSI package is available for all users at no cost

Remote Administration
Access and control multiple PCs from remote physical locations with 15 different connection modes. You can view screens remotely, send keystrokes, control the mouse pointer, transfer files and do any other operation just as if you were physically sitting in front of the remote PC.

Unattended Access
The remote service starts automatically and grants you unattended 24/7 access to remote workstations and servers in any location - whether it be another room in your office or a remote data center on the other side of the globe.

Power Control
Reboot a remote PC in normal or safe mode, shut it down, lock it or put it to sleep, all as if you were able to physically press the Power and Reset buttons.

Active Directory Support
Browse the Active Directory tree within the program in real time. No need to set up every remote computer - access Active Directory workstations and servers with one click using Windows credentials.

MSI Configuration and Deployment
Configure an MSI installer for further deployment across your local network or customize the remote Agent module with your logo and welcome text for attended support.

Firewall Bypass
Assist a remote customer or colleague instantly through a firewall bypass connection. No network configuration is necessary - connect from anywhere with just an ID and password.

Mobile Support
Access computers from anywhere using the free Viewer for Android and iOS. Stay in control of your remote PCs while on the road or out of the office.

Whats New:
* Added: Ability to switch to the legacy keyboard input model in Viewer connection properties.
* Fixed: Fixed an issue with certain Windows hotkeys and key combinations not working.


Remote Utilities (Viewer + Host) Pro Multilingual

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