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Sadie 2018 AMZN WEB-DL- DDP5 1 H264-CMRG



Sadie 2018 AMZN WEB-DL- DDP5 1 H264-CMRG
Sadie 2018 AMZN WEB-DL DDP5 1 H264-CMRG
Language: English
756.72 MB | 01:36:07 | 458 Kbps | V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC | 720x480 | AC3+, 48 Khz, 6 channels, 640 Kbps
Genre: Drama
iMDB info

SADIE is the story of a girl who will stop at nothing to preserve her father's place on the home front. Sadie (Sophia Mitri Schloss) is the daughter of a soldier and models herself after ...