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Sams Swift Video How-To-Illiterate


Sams Swift Video How-To-Illiterate
Sams Swift Video How-To-Illiterate

Size: 293.47 MB

Learn how to

Create Swift Code in a Playground

Create Swift Code in a REPL

Assign Constants and Variables

Find the Minimum and Maximum Ranges of Integers

Find the Properties and Methods on Data Types

Use Unary Operators

Use Binary Operators

Use Logical Operators

Create and Access Data in an Array

Remove Items from an Array

Perform Actions on Sets

Use if Statements in Practice

Use switch Statements to Grade Papers

Create and Unwrap Optional Values

Conditionally Unwrap with Nil Coalescing

Unwrap Multiple Optional Values

Use a Repeat-While Loop to Compare Values

Iterate Through Arrays with For-In Loops

Create a Function to Return Mean, Median, Mode

Exit Early from Functions

Perform a Function on Each Member of an Array

Rewrite the median Function

Add an Instance Method to a Struct

Define a Class with Properties and Methods

Override an Instance Method

Prevent Overriding a Superclass Method

Create an Enum with Raw Values and Shorthand Syntax

Add Instance Methods to Enums

Use Initializers to Set Default and Custom Values

Implement Initialization Chaining

Provide a Custom Setter

Override a Property and Create Custom Accessors

Use Type Properties and Type Methods

Use Subscripts to Help a Teacher Grade Papers Faster

Determine an Instance's Type

Use Initializers and Deinitializers

Resolve Strong Reference Cycles with Weak References

Use Closure Capture Lists to Resolve Reference Cycles in

Implement Class Inheritance and Multiple Protocol

Use Protocols for Delegation

Extend the String Type to Add Subscripts

Add Custom Initializers with Extensions

Extend Int to Adopt and Conform to a Protocol

Use Optional Chaining with Subscripts

Use Optional Chaining to Call Instance Methods

Create a Generic Function to Return a Unique Array

Create a Queue Type to Store Unique Values

Override Default Protocol Implementations

Convert Sequences from Protocol Types to Concrete Types

Catch Errors from a Throwing Function

Defer Delegate Execution

Introduce an Objective-C Project

Add a Swift File to an Objective-C Project

Extend an Objective-C Class with Swift

Create and Iterate with map and forEach

Chain Together flatMap Functions to Create URLs

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