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Shankar's Environment, 6th Edition


Trusted Editor
Trusted Editor
English | 400 pages | Shankar Ias Academy (2018) | ASIN: B07KZQWPPS | PDF | 31.62 Mb
The roots of ecology lie in Natural History, which is as old as human civilization itself. Since early history, man has indulged in ecology in a practical sort of way, knowingly and unknowingly. In primitive societies every individual was required to have an intimate knowledge of his environment for their survival, i.e., about the forces of nature and of plants and animals around him/her.Our ancient Indian texts have references to ecological principles.The classical texts of the Vedic period such as the Vedas, the Samhitas, the Brahmanas and the Aranyakas-Upanishads contain many references to ecological concepts.The Indian treatise on medicine, the Charaka-Samhita and the surgical text Sushruta-Samhita, show that people during this period had a good understanding of plant and animal ecology.


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