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Simple & Stunning Watercolor Techniques (TTC Craftsy Video)


Simple & Stunning Watercolor Techniques (TTC Craftsy Video)
Simple & Stunning Watercolor Techniques (TTC Craftsy Video)

Size: 1.54 GB


Play with size, scale, texture and a variety of water-based mediums. Learn advanced watercolor techniques alongside artist and instructor Mary Murphy. You'll see how to create a complementary underpainting, use masking methods to preserve white space and achieve harmonious color shifts. Then, discover a simple strategy for making compositional decisions and apply a gridding technique to scale your painting to any size. Find out how to use a variety of household items to easily produce amazing effects. Then, explore other water-based mediums: gouache, acrylics and watercolor grounds. You'll even build confidence choosing paper, brushes and pigments. Plus, learn to critique your work, fix mistakes and adjust values for a fantastic finish.

7 lectures - Plus a detailed 9 page PDF Course Guide included.


1. Underpainting

2. Size & Composition

3. Creating Texture

4. Exploring Water Media

5. Brushes & Paper

6. Pigments

7. Rescuing Techniques
Language: (English)

Videos: 856x480 - MP4 format

Audio: 192kb/s - 2chan Stereo - rate 44kHz

Simple & Stunning Watercolor Techniques (TTC Craftsy Video)

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