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Unicorn Food: Magical Recipes for Sweets, Eats, and Treats


Unicorn Food: Magical Recipes for Sweets, Eats, and Treats
Rachel Johnson, "Unicorn Food: Magical Recipes for Sweets, Eats, and Treats"
ISBN: 1454931299 | 2018 | EPUB | 112 pages | 15 MB

A fun and outrageous take on the rainbow-bright unicorn food trend, bursting with fantastic goodness.

Unicorn food-brightly hued dishes that make you smile-has taken the world by storm. That means the time is ripe for a book-length celebration of its many benefits. (The rainbows! The glitter! The happiness!) So food writer and stylist Rachel Johnson has gathered 40 of her most over-the-top unicorn creations, including:

Rainbow Sprinkle Waffle Cake
Unicorn Movie Mix
Vanilla Sprinkle Puff Cereal
Tie-Dyed Grilled Cheese
Unicorn Universe Baked Donuts
DIY Rainbow Pasta
Glitter Pink Strawberry Marshmallows
Sprinkle Cake Truffles

Curated for maximal magic and presented in swooning full color in a gift-ready package, it's an expression of pure sugary joy.