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Vegan Nutrition: Master Plant Based Nutrition The Easy Way.


Trusted Editor
Trusted Editor

Published 3/2023MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHzLanguage: English | Size: 2.51 GB | Duration: 2h 50m​

Everything You Need To Thrive On A Vegan Or Plant Based Diet PLUS the Support You Need To Reach Your Goals!

What you'll learn
Master the Essentials of Plant-based Nutrition to Keep You Healthy, Energised & Vibrant.
Master Living a Delicious, Healthy and Stress-free Vegan Lifestyle that You'll Love.
How a Plant-based diet can benefit your health and the science behind vegan nutrition.
How to Loose Weight on a Plant-based or Vegan Diet.
How to Build Muscle and Get Gym Gains on a Plant-based or Vegan Diet.
How to make long term healthy eating changes with results that last!
In my 15 FREE eBooks You Will Learn Everything from Eating Out, Dealing With Emotional Eating And The Best Nutrition Supplements.
Become a Plant Based Cooking Pro with 12 Weeks of Personalised Meal Plans and over 100 Vegan Recipes.

I will show you how get healthy vegan nutrition and over 100 easy and delicious vegan recipes.
The course contains over 15 able eBooks and 100 recipes for you to keep. You'll probably find this easier to do on a laptop or desktop than on a phone (but all the learning can be done on any device).
You can be a complete novice at plant based nutrition or a vegan cooking pro - you will find exception value and support in The Vegan Online Coach program.
If you have an interest in trying or enriching a plant-based diet, then this is the course for you. It gives you everything you need in terms of meal plans, recipes, kitchen skills and nutritional and lifestyle information. Oh, and you also get out-of-this-world support from me
If you have an interest in trying or enriching a vegan or plant-based diet, then this course is for you. It gives you everything you need including free access to my mobile app, meal plans, nutrition tracking, recipes, habit coaching and nutritional and lifestyle information. Oh, and you also get out-of-this-world support from the UK's Leading Vegan Online Coach.
You get access to my exclusive members group, optional free 121 zoom session with Gary and optional free weekly support group zoom sessions.

Do you want to loose weight or gain muscle on a healthy vegan dietHOW THIS COURSE CAN HELP YOU:Fuel your body for life with the confidence you are getting all the nutrients you need!Learn how to support your goals with a vegan or plant based diet.Loose weight and burn fat without feeling hungry or restricted!Recover from workouts faster and build muscle just as easily as meat eaters!Reduce your risk of developing a whole range of chronic diseases.Learn how to maintain your plant based lifestyle whilst eating out or travelling.Have the nutritional knowledge and support to ensure success and you don't become a failed vegan!I want to give you 4 things:a method that allows you to drop all your excess weight and build muscle while eating regular food of wide varietyshow you how you can have a great, healthy and balanced plant based diet easily!practical ways you can implement this into your daily lifehow you can not just survive, but thrive of a vegan diet and be in the best health and shape of your life!And you can do all that while enjoying the process! Yes - this doesn't have to be something stressful as we're made to believe. Although you have to be willing to learn - are you

Section 1: Welcome

Lecture 1 A Message From Gary The Vegan Online Coach

Lecture 2 Lets Get Started!

Lecture 3 How to get Free Access to my VIP Mobile App & Your Personalised Meal Plans

Lecture 4 How to Over 15 eBooks and over 100 Easy & Delicious Vegan Recipes

Lecture 5 How to Access Out-of-this-World Support & Free 121 Zoom Session With Gary.

Lecture 6 How to Access The Free Members Group And Weekly Group Zoom Sessions

Section 2: About Plant Based Diets

Lecture 7 The Difference Between A Vegan Vs Plant Based Diet

Lecture 8 The Honest Truth About A Vegan Diet

Lecture 9 What You Need To Know About The Science Of Plant Based Diets

Section 3: Nutrition Basics

Lecture 10 What Are Calories And How Many Should You Eat

Lecture 11 What Is Protein And How Much Do You Really Need

Lecture 12 Protein Sources - Where Do Vegans Get Their Protein

Lecture 13 What You Must Know About Carbohydrates!

Lecture 14 Fats - The Good, The Bad & The Essential!

Lecture 15 Master Your Macros & Micronutrients

Lecture 16 Why Water Is Essential To You Reaching Your Goals!

Lecture 17 Why Fibre Is Key To Good Health!

Section 4: Nutrition In Practice

Lecture 18 A Video Guide To Reading And Understanding Food Labels

Lecture 19 All You Need To Know About Eating To Loose Weight

Lecture 20 How To Build Muscle And Make Gym Gains On A Plant Based Diet

Lecture 21 Tips, Tricks & Truth About Meal Timing And Frequency

Section 5: Lets Get Cooking!

Lecture 22 Master Setting Up Your Kitchen For Plant Based Cooking

Lecture 23 Why Meal Prepping Is The Secret To Your Success!

Lecture 24 Are Artificial Sweeteners Actually Good For You

Section 6: How To Enjoy Healthy Eating!

Lecture 25 Controlled Cheating - Why It Should Be Normal!

Lecture 26 Goodie Boxes - The Secret That Stopped My Years Of Yo-Yo Dieting Overnight!

Lecture 27 How To Enjoy Alcohol But Still Get The Results You Want!

Lecture 28 How To Eat Out On A Plant Based Diet, Without Any Guilt!

Lecture 29 Tips & Tricks To Tackle Common Challenges And Pitfalls

Section 7: Life Long, Lasting Good Nutrition! No More Fad Yo-Yo Diets!

Lecture 30 How To Make Healthy Eating A Life Long Habit (Easily)!

Lecture 31 Accredited Certificate And Course Summary

Anyone interested in nutrition or considering a vegan or plant based diet.,You've been thinking about a vegan or plant-based diet for some , but just never managed to get around to it (I get it).,You're concerned about the health of the planet, and animal welfare, and you want to do something to make a difference.,You're want to eat delicious vegan food, knowing you are getting all the nutrition you need.,You'd benefit from support to reach your goals, along with personalised meal plans and optional free weekly zoom group sessions.,You're already following a vegan diet, & would like more knowledge, awesome suport, delicious recipes and to increase your knowledge of how to get the most plant based nutrition from your food.,You want to answer the age old questions: "Where do vegans get their protein",You want to smash your healthy eating goals in the next 12 weeks!



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